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Free Tool For Protecting PDF Files From Copying or Editing

PDF Anti-Copy is a free software application, which protects the integrity of PDF files and prevents unwanted copying or editing. The software goes beyond the more conventional encryption and password protection used by many other applications, protecting the PDFs even when cracking software or conversion software is used. As a result, the documents cannot be converted to a more editable format, like Word, Excel or plain text files.

GhostScript Technology

In place of conventional anti-copying or editing methods, PDF Anti-Copy makes use of GhostScript to convert PDF text into vector graphics. This prevents text from being selected, edited or converted, without altering the appearance or format of the original PDF file. Attempts to convert the file to another text format will result in a blank document being produced, while users also have the option of locking the print function, preventing hard copies from being made.

Potential Drawbacks

For users determined to prevent unauthorised editing or copying of their PDF files, PDF Anti-Copy does the job very effectively. However, for users with slightly less advanced needs, the software may go slightly too far, as it also prevents readers from using the text search function. Additionally, PDFs that are protected via the software will have a significantly larger file size.


  • Protects against copying, editing and conversions
  • Free and easy to use


  • PDF files will be significantly larger
  • Prevents users from using text search

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PDF Anti-Copy


PDF Anti-Copy for PC

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